How do I use Multi-line Order?

Multi-Line Order is a quick, convenient way to add a list of up to 100 parts to your Shopping Cart.

NOTE: Multi-Line Order is exact part match only. Please review your parts list for accuracy prior to entering it into Multi-Line Order.

  • You can access multi-line order by clicking on the Multi-Line Order button near the top right of the page. 


  • Here you can enter part number's line by line and specify quantity for each, or you can simply paste from our Excel spreadsheet template using the Paste Your Spreadsheet tab.
    • Excel Format
      Column A Column B
      Part Number Quantity
      Part Number  Quantity
  • Click Continue to proceed to the next step.

MO_Manual_Enter.png                  MO_Spreadsheet_Paste.png

  • Any line items requiring resolution will be called out in the Resolve Issues step.
  • Make the necessary corrections where required and click the Resolve button to proceed to the Finalized List.


  • In the Finalize List you can adjust quantities before adding the list to your Shopping Cart.
  • Click Add All to Cart to add all items in Finalized List to the Shopping Cart.
    • The Finalize List can also be downloaded to a .CSV or .PDF file, or saved as a Saved List.


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