How do I set up my ship-to profile(s)?

Ship-to Profiles allow you to customize your shipping, freight, contact and consignee information for the ship-to addresses tied to your account. You can select a ship-to profile on the Checkout page to quickly populate your preferred freight payment type, freight method, shipping and consignee address.

To set up a ship-to profile go to My Account and select Ship-To Profile:


Click on Create Ship-To Profile:


Add Ship-To:

Under the Add Ship-To section you’ll find the Account Addresses tab listing of all the shipping addresses tied to your account. Quickly search through your addresses by entering any part of the address in the Search field.

  • Select the address you wish to create a ship-to profile for and proceed to the Shipping Preferences section
  • Need to add a new ship-to address to your account? Click on "Request New Address" to submit your request.


Shipping Preference:

In this section you can specify your preferred shipping and freight payment methods for the ship-to address selected above.

  • If you wish to use the same carrier for both hazardous and non-hazardous shipments check the “Standard and Hazmat are the same” box.


Consignee Address (if applicable):

To add a consignee address, select the “Add New Address” button and fill out the required fields.



To add additional recipients for order confirmations and/or shipping notifications, add their email address in the Email Notifications field and click Add.

  • You can select which notifications are sent to the additional recipients by checking/unchecking the box under the appropriate columns.
  • To remove the email address, click the (X) icon.
  • NOTE: The user placing the order will always receive order confirmations and shipping notifications by default.



Enter a ship-to profile Nickname, select if this profile is to be set as default, included at checkout and if orders shipped to this address are to be shipped complete, then click Save.



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