Mercury Spill Clean-up Procedure (Canada Only)

Immediately Following a Small Mercury Spill

  1. Check to see if mercury was splashed on any person or their clothing. If so, carefully remove all contaminated clothing, including shoes, and place in a sealed bag (double- or triple-wrapped) before leaving the spill area. Mercury on the skin should be carefully wiped off with a damp paper towel and towel also be placed in the plastic bag.
  2. Keep all children and pets away from the spill.
  3. If any mercury was ingested, contact your regional poison control center.
  4. Close doors leading to other indoor areas.
  5. Ventilate the spill area to the outdoors if possible.
  6. Turn off any ventilation that could circulate air from the spill site to other areas of the structure. This may involve turning down heaters or air conditioners and turning off fans.
  7. Turn down the thermostat in order to minimize mercury vaporization.
  8. Stop the spread of mercury by blocking the spill off with rags. Prevent mercury droplets from entering cracks or rolling under cabinets and appliances.

General Instructions

For clean-up and disposal procedures it is recommended to follow instructions provided on the Government of Canada – Environment and Climate Change website:

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