A variety of reports are available on, the details for each can be found below. To access your reports, please click the Reports link under My Account.

Available Reports:

  • Core Report
  • Invoices Report
  • Backorders Report
  • Shipments Report
  • Future Orders Report 

Core Report:

  • Core Reports will be emailed upon request.
  • Core Report will be sent to the requester's email address in their Profile.
    • If you request a Core Report and don't receive one, please check your spam folder & that your contact email address is correct in your Profile.

You can download and/or view copies of your Core Invoices by clicking the invoice number(s) contained within the report email.


Invoices Report:

  • Invoice reports offer a quick overview of your open and closed/paid invoices.
  • Use the status and date range filters to return only invoice details you need.


Backorders Report:

  • Backorder reports offer a quick overview of your backordered items.
  • Use the "Ship-to" filter to view backorders by ship-to location.


Shipments Report:

  • Shipments reports offer a quick overview of your open shipments.
  • Use the filters to view shipments by ship-to location and/or date range.


Future Orders Report:

  • Future Order reports offer a quick overview of your orders pending shipment.
  • Use the "Ship-to" filter to view future orders by ship-to location.


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