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During the weekend of April 18 – 19, the Rolls-Royce ePubs site on was updated with a new ePubs format.  When you log on to your ePubs account, click on the User Portal link and next screen will have a link to Site News link for the latest updates.  Below is the initial message:


This article highlights the major changes that ePubs users will experience, features we are working on for next release and other information relative to using this site.

Major site changes

ePubs users will notice the following major changes from the previous site:

  • Different User Interface (layout)
  • Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPC) are in PDF format (previous site displayed a database representation of the IPC)
  • Lack of specific features that was present on previous site (Part Number searches for example)
  • Different Browser Support Requirement (see below)

Browser Support

This site uses HTML5 and in-line PDF technology. Browsers must be HTML5 compatible with in-line PDF support such as:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari (Mac Only)

Site Life Cycle

This site was deployed on 18 April 2020. A complete redesign, using the latest in website technology, including the underlying site subscriptions, operating systems and server hardware.

The initial roll-out had a primary focus to ensure all users logging in from Boeing distribution can access their subscriptions (Technical Manuals and related documents), the appropriate security measures are applied, the interface with Boeing distribution and user accounts passed correct information (Single Sign On), and the back-end update process functions.

With the above phase accomplished, we are now into a "User Interface/Feature Set" mode. As with any major change, there will be user features needed for utilizing this site as a tool. These features include how information is presented to the user and alternative ways to access information. The features are based on user feedback, internal design team, customer inputs and such. They will be updated on the site and this document will be updated to reflect more details, schedules and changes.

Feature Updates (Non-Prioritized)

  • Add Print capabilities on specific document type PDF files
  • Add Help System
  • Add Search Capabilities for Illustrated Parts Catalog data (against database, not PDF file)
  • Improve User Interface for PDF viewing panel (more real estate)

Contact Support

Please utilize the feedback system to add comments and concerns for improving the site. If you have an urgent issue accessing your subscriptions, contact support on the website header.

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