Online RMA - Return Material Authorization

Return Material Authorization (RMA)

On the top right of the webpage, you will see the “My Account” icon.

You can start a RMA from Order History.


To begin the Return process, first locate the order and invoice number. (Please see our Return Policy)

Order History Page:

Here you can enter the order number, invoice number, PO number, shipment number, part number or simply a date range to locate your order.


Select the order containing part(s) to be returned. Items that do not qualify for return will show a link to our Customer Return Policy providing some additional details. 



If an item is eligible for return they will be grouped by invoice number. An RMA form must be completed per Invoice. 


After the “Return Available Items” button is clicked, the items that meet the returns criteria will be interactive and the ones that do not will drop of to the bottom of the screen.


On the interactive portion of the form you can select a reason for return and add any additional information needed. Select the items and quantities you wish to return to continue your RMA request.


Note: Items that are selected to the RMA form will show the Estimated Return Amount.


Confirmation is needed that part(s) were not installed on an aircraft before continuing with the RMA request.


Once your selections have been made, simply click on the “Generate Request” button.


Review that your final selections are correct before clicking on the “Submit Return Request” button.

(This is the last opportunity to review and or click “Cancel Return” before clicking on Submit.)


After “Submit Return Request” is clicked, it will now inform you that the RMA form has been submitted and you will receive an email notification informing you that your form has been received and is pending reviewed.




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