Shelf Life - Click and Pick


Shelf Life Click and Pick

We have enhanced the ordering capabilities for our shelf life relevant materials.  We are providing full visibility to our available stock.  Material availability is broken down into our most popular ranges.  Orders placed within a range ensures the material batch pulled and shipped falls within that range.  The percent and days available are listed for reference. 

Please Note:  Initial pricing displayed will always be at your default price.  Only when selecting an alternate range pricing may differ.


Searching for shelf life relevant materials, which are part of the program, will now display stock available within a specific shelf life range


When stock within the range is not available messaging will appear that will allow you to backorder, change your default location or shop more shelf life options


When entering a quantity and the stock within the range cannot meet your full requirements a message will show what other options are available


Selecting the “Shop More for Shelf Life Options” link takes you to the product details page where a complete view of available materials are shown in the dropdown.  Default pricing is always applied within your default range and any other materials available will be priced accordingly.  Multiple ranges can be added as needed


When viewing the cart page your selections will be displayed accordingly.  Quantities, locations and ranges can be updated as needed within the cart page. 


After placing an order your details will be listed based on your selections.


You can see the status of ordered material within the order history details


Applicable paperwork will breakdown your selections with additional detail.


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