Warehouse Selection - FAQ

Boeing (formerly Aviall) Automated Warehouse Selection - Frequently Asked Questions


Boeing (formerly Aviall) will be implementing a new enhancement to the eCommerce ordering process on shop.boeing.com/aviation-supply/.  The system will automatically select the optimal inventory location from which your order will be fulfilled based on your ship-to location and the shipping service level selected.

What is the Value?  


Boeing (formerly Aviall) has a global network of stocking locations to help fulfill demand, supported by the main distribution hub in Dallas, Texas with close proximity to Dallas Fort Worth Intl. Airport.  The system will provide visibility to where your orders will be fulfilled, improving delivery performance. 

When is it happening? 


Be on the lookout for the upgrade to launch on July 25th, 2022

Are there any process changes or actions that need to be taken?   


You will no longer need to select the warehouse location to ship material from as the system will select the optimal location based on shipping service level preference and regional stocking levels. 

What is the potential impact?

Your material will be fulfilled from the regional warehouse with inventory nearest to your ship-to location. This change could result in order fulfillment from multiple Boeing (formerly Aviall) locations and may reflect small variances in shipping costs.

What if I want all my orders to come from a single location?

Single point shipping is only available from Dallas locations CDC & CMC.  Please contact your representative and they will request system rules that limit all shipments to Dallas locations and can also set up a consolidation schedule if requested (1-2 shipments per week).

What other related changes are taken place?

Service Level Shipping Standardization will also be implemented in July.  This new enhancement will help to automate the selection and order fulfillment process.  To learn more please see our Service Level Shipping FAQ.  

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